Stunning and Easy to Dry Gel Polish Nails Using a UV Lamp Dryer

Stunning and Easy to Dry Gel Polish Nails Using a UV Lamp Dryer


Nowadays, nail arts are very classy and trendsetter because of their different cute styles and designs.  However, it is just so hard for the nail artist or manicurist to immediately dry the gel polish of their customer’s nails. I have heard about a nail dryer to use at home and it is not that difficult to use. Now, I will share and recommend the best UV nail lamp that can dry your nails in an instant. To know more about it read it below.

1. SUNUV 48W UV LED Light Lamp Nail Dryer

This nail dryer is as smart as it looks like, it has full coverage that can fit your hand and foot.  As a nail artist, it is very nice that you have a nail dryer that can suit your taste. With this nail dryer, it will not be difficult for me to dry up my nails. I was glad that this SUNUV 48W UV LED light lamp nail dryer has an over-temperature detection that automatically lowers down the temperature. Along with that, it has a large LCD screen that will show the time of curing and it works well with a different type of gel polishes.

2. LuxeUp UV Nail Lamp Dryer 54W

Now, let’s take a look with this nail lamp dryer. This nail lamp dryer is good because, it has an easy, safe, and rapid function with a 54 watts power, that lets your nails dry immediately. Recently, LuxeUp gives an upgraded function with an elite LED display, ergonomic design, and a 99s low heat mode, which makes it good for home or salon use. Moreover, their LED screen is as smart as it looks like, and is easy to use. Furthermore, if you are not that amazed by the result, you don’t have to worry because they offer a full Money-back guarantee.

3. Liberex UV Nail Lamp

Another model that gives a multi-functional smart nail dryer is the Liberex nail lamp. It has an infrared sensor that automatically shuts it down when your hands or foot are still inside the lamp for 120s. Moreover, they have this 99s painless mode for those who have a thin fingernail, it increases the temperature slowly from low heat to painless mode that protects your nails. Aside from that, this tool has a memory function, an anti-leakage base in your hands and feet, a great LCD time display that controls the curing, and it ensures safety. It also suitable for any kind of UV and LED gel nail polish, and has a big space that will fit your hand or foot in it. However, they are a bit pricey but worth it because they give you a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance.   

Final words

The tools above are all nice and easy to use, that I will surely recommend it to you. Although they have almost similar functions for me my favorite is the Liberex UV Nail Lamp. Why? Because, it gives a professional curing light, infrared sensor and most importantly is that they have a painless mode that can protect your nails. Also, it generates non-ultraviolet white light that is safe for your eyes, and skin. Now you all know what is the best UV nail lamp that you can use or buy.