I can not ask now! What is WordPress [for beginners]

I can not ask now! What is WordPress [for beginners]

Do you know WordPress? Recently, even when you create a website, scenes using WordPress are getting more frequent.

But what is WordPress in the first place? It is difficult to explain if asked.

In this article, even beginners of WordPress want to explain what WordPress is in the first place and what kind of merit or disadvantage there is in the first place.

By all means, use of WordPress Let’s remember!


What is WordPress in the first place

WordPress is a so-called content management system (CMS).

Briefly, it means “even a person who can not create a homepage can easily manage content”.

Normally, when you try to add a new article to the homepage, you have to study the language html and write your own code and articles.

If it is WordPress, even if you do not know the html code, you can update articles and news as if you were writing sentences or inserting photos in Microsoft’s words.


What you can do with WordPress

Let me introduce the merit and disadvantage of WordPress specifically.

Benefits of WordPress

Don’t know how to use html? You can add and update yourself
In WordPress, the maintenance page of article update is designed with an easy-to-understand interface.
Therefore, it is possible to intuitively add and edit articles, insert images and movies. Knowledge of html is unnecessary.

Easy to build web site

Even when you think you want to launch WordPress site by yourself, most server companies have set up “Easy Install” in advance in most cases.

WordPress makes a movement to retrieve the data from the box containing the article data, which is a database, every time the page is read, but the settings of these databases are automatically done by the server company.

Expandable and easy

Example on it is if you want to set up an inquiry form, you need to study CGI or php if you are html, but in WordPress you do not need it.
A convenient extension function called plug-in is free, and it is prepared abundantly, so you can implement it simply by pressing the “install” button of that plug-in.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Display speed is slower than html site
Since html has only the file where the code is written for each page on the server, the display speed of the page is fast.

Compared to that, WordPress builds a page by calling each part of the page from the database every time page is displayed, so the display speed will inevitably be slow compared to html.

Security concern

Because WordPress is made with the programming language called php, it has the disadvantage that it is susceptible to illegal operations and attacks.

For example, you may be illegally logged in by randomly trying ID and password randomly on the login screen.

Therefore, WordPress version should always be up to date. This point is the same as Windows and other personal computers.
Always use the latest version.

Why WordPress is popular

Web site can be created even if programming is impossible
As mentioned above, you can manage Web sites without expert knowledge, but the expertise here is about programming mainly.

Unless you are developing to make it have special functions, you can make it just by familiarizing yourself with the operation of WordPress itself, when launching media that can transmit information.

Usually, if you try to create from scratch yourself “HTML” or “CSS”, and to add more ornate and simple functions, it will be advantageous to know “JavaScript” and “PHP” etc. However, If you use it you can make it without these knowledge at all.


It is free

Above all, by using these systems for free, lowering the threshold for inexperienced people leads to an increase in users.

However, to publish it on the Internet, apart from the use of WordPress, acquisition of a domain and rental server etc. are necessary and these are obviously expensive.

What you need for running the site with WordPress
Own domain
In order to publish your site, you need to acquire a domain.

In famous places it is “name.com”, “mo-mo domain” etc.

Even beginners can use immediately! Ten sites that can obtain domains

Rental Server

In order to make the site public regardless of who visits it, a server is necessary. Although some people make their own servers, basically they use a rental server at around 1000 yen per month.

Please compare rental server comparison · 10 selections [Recommended for beginners of website creation] as a reference. “Lollipop” and “Sakura rental server” are also popular with beginners.

Website design template

It is necessary to prepare a design that shapes the appearance of the site. There are things prepared on the WordPress management screen, but there are many stylish themes that can be used free of charge and its recommended.