What is web designer! Detailed explanation of necessary skills and learning methods

What is web designer! Detailed explanation of necessary skills and learning methods

What is Web Designer

Web designers often call Web designers in a broad sense and are often confused with Web coders, whereas Web designers are professional people who write code, whereas Web designers do not like layouts It refers to the person who thinks .

As a practical way of working, Web designers sometimes do coding, but in essence that is related to the design of the web designer to think about the layout for it.

The work that the web designer is in charge of

So what does a web designer do specifically? To create a website, it is significant to have a layout of what you want to do on the design to complete .

And as a step to realize that image, I will start with a concept of wire frame .

A wire frame is like a skeleton in the design of a Web site and thinks about what “where” is placed.

The next procedure is mock-up . By adding the actual elements to the frame/template made this is almost visualized as a visual product almost as a finished product.

And further versions of it needs to be completed by giving functionality to the layout. The functionality means here are the actions whether its static or dynamic on the website also when clicking an element, and you hover a button is actually created correctly.

Web sites are created in this way by layout, but layout and elements are created by coding.

The web designer is responsible for doing processes like this separately. In addition to design large mockups, such as the company’s homepage layout. There are a lot of patterns to create small things, such as to design a banner ad called.

I also summarize the work content of the web designer in detail in another article. Matching please see.

A video is showing a learning method that does not frustrate with web design

Required Skills for Web Designers

As a skill necessary for designing the Web, we need to know the language for the template of the website you will be creating and introduce the basic ones.

Also, since web designers need to consider coding not only by using languages ​​but also graphics, we will also briefly describe design tools.

HTML is the language needed to create divisons and write letters, which is the basis of the website. Whether it is Mockup or system you are creating, it is important as common knowledge, to most people start learning from HTML first.

CSS allows you to arrange and modify the appearance such as adding colors to the frames and letters you made, this will change the appearance of the website.

With JavaScript , you can add motion to elements created in HTML, you can change the display by clicking on an element you set.

Also, please be confused as Java is a different language.

Photoshop and Illustrator
Photoshop is a software for rendering images such as photos, Illustrator is a software that is good at drawing vectors, both are very effective for mockup designs.

Many other softwares have appeared in the web design industry, but since there are many documentation on how to use this softwares and how to use it on the net, it would be easy for beginners to acquire knowledge on it.

How to learn web design

Learn with books
The most rich variety of ways to learn web design is a book. A considerable number has been published and I think that it is a question of which one to buy.
Among them, there are “new textbooks” series for the most beginners and easy to change.

Learning at the learning site
The first one is ” Progate “. Slides that are easy to learn by learning the language necessary for web design are prepared.
Also, as you progress on learning, you can also enjoy ingenuity by entering experience values ​​and raising the level.

The other is ” Adobe TV “. This is a learning site on tools, you can learn how to use by watching videos.

Learn by school

In the case of a school, you can learn by concentrating in a short period of time by proceeding with learning on what you actually go to school and online. You can also choose only at night or on weekends, and there are also great advantages that you can use job hunting support after that.

Recommended for those who want to learn the skills of web design in earnest and those who want to aim at web designers.

That’s it, I explained what kind of person is the web designer and what kind of learning should be done.