[Solved with this!】 Why PC mouse does not move and how to deal with it

[Solved with this!】 Why PC mouse does not move and how to deal with it

“That, the mouse does not move.I think that it is not a malfunction because it is a mouse I recently bought, but I wish …”

Do not you have such experiences?
At that time, are you able to cope properly?

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the reason why the PC mouse does not move and how to deal with it.

Cause (1) In the first place, the personal computer itself has stopped moving

It may not be caused by the mouse, but the PC itself may be frozen.


Operate the keyboard and check whether the computer is frozen.
In Windows, if you press the [Windows] key and the start menu in the lower left of the screen is displayed, it is not freezing.

However, if the start menu is not displayed, it is frozen.
Please press and hold the power supply for about 5 seconds, turn off the power, turn on the power again and try again.

Cause ② Switch is OFF (wireless mouse)

Is the mouse body switch off?


Let’s check whether the switch on the mouse body is on.


Cause ③ Try replacing the battery (wireless mouse)

Even though the mouse lamp is on and there seems to be a battery at first glance, the reaction may become dull if the remaining amount is small.


Let’s replace the battery with a new one.


Cause ④ There is a problem with the receiver on the PC side (wireless mouse)

In the case of a type attaching a USB receiver to a personal computer, there is a possible chance that an abnormality has occurred in that receiver.


Please remove the receiver once and try connecting again.
* You can leave the PC’s power on.


Cause ⑤ Temporary abnormality occurred in mouse (wired mouse)

Since the mouse is a machine, abnormality may occur temporarily.


Try inserting and removing the cord and try connecting again.
Please pay attention to the following when inserting / removing.

When the connection port is USB type

You can connect and disconnect without turning on the PC.

When connection port is PS2 type (round mouth type)

Turn off the computer once, then turn on the power again.


Dust accumulated in Cause ⑥ (Ball Mouse)

If the movement of the mouse is bad, it may be that the ball on the back of the mouse has entered the garbage inside, which makes it difficult to move the ball by accumulating it.


The part of the ball is lidded and can be opened.
Once you open it, take out the ball and wipe it off.

Because there is also dust on the receiving side of the ball, please clean it along with that.


Cause ⑦ There is a problem in the place where the mouse is being operated (optical mouse)

The optical mouse detects movement according to how the light emitted from the mouse is reflected.
If the place where you operate the mouse is shiny or slurping with a uniform color, there is no change in reflection, making the mouse difficult to respond.


Let’s use mouse pads as much as possible.
If you can not prepare the mouse pad, please operate on grainy things etc while checking the reaction of the mouse.


Cause ⑧ Dust on the back of the mouse and the mouse floating (optical mouse)

Since the optical mouse detects motion by reflection of light, if the reflection does not return to the correct position, it can not react.
If dust etc. is attached to the back of the mouse and you operate in a tilted state, the light does not return to its original position and it will not operate properly.


Let’s check if there is garbage etc. on the back of the mouse.


That’s why I tell you the reason why the mouse does not move and how to deal with it.

The cause of the movement will depend on the type of mouse and the usage environment.
Let’s firmly understand the cause and take appropriate measures.

If it does not fix it, let’s check the manufacturer’s website etc.